In many states in Australia, TAFE is being damaged by government budget cuts, and policies which promote fly by night providers, at the expense of TAFE.

In the three largest states in the country, TAFE campuses are being closed and sold, courses cut, students turned away and teachers sacked.  The Invest in Quality, Invest in TAFE campaign has decided to establish this blog to encourage those interested in what is happening to TAFE around the country to contribute to the debate and discussion.

We encourage a range of different perspectives on the sector, so if you are a teacher, a student, an administrator, or you work in any role within a TAFE institute, your comments or insights are very welcome.

You do not have to work in TAFE to contribute to, or read this blog.  A huge cross-section of the Australian community has gone to TAFE.  Many families have members who have studied at TAFE.  Businesses, large and small, send their employees to TAFE.  Community organisations rely on TAFE in many different ways.  TAFE touches people’s lives in many ways.

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