don'twreckA lot has happened since our last post!

On 30 January, Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced that the Federal Election would be held on 14 September.

On 2 February, the Minister for Higher Education, Skills, Science & Research, Senator Chris Evans resigned.  The new minister is Chris Bowen.

On Wednesday night, Ted Baillieu resigned as the Premier of Victoria, and was replaced by Denis Napthine.

TAFE SA has announced a restructure which involves collapsing the three institutes in SA into one, with the loss of 150 jobs.  TAFE SA acting chief executive David Royle, has blamed this on the push for “efficiency” and the need to compete for public funds caused by “Skills for All” reforms.

The crisis in TAFE is spreading.

Chris Bowen has  yet to make any clear statement about TAFE.

TAFE is universally regarded as a high quality educational institution, with effective links into industries and communities. It is a cherished institution in Australia. The magnitude of the community response to TAFE cuts across the country are very clear evidence of this. It is essential we continue to highlight the damage being done to TAFE.  We must continue to promote TAFE, and its successes.  We must continue to urge the Federal Government to intervene in states where misguided policy, cuts and closures in the name of “reform” are destroying a much loved, public asset.

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