ed miliband

At TDA’s National Conference in September last year, Senator Chris Evans described the TAFE network as “world-class and something we should be very proud of.”  “World-class” is a word that regularly, and unsurprisingly, gets attached to Australia’s TAFE system.  However, the continued attacks on TAFE, right across Australia, have the potential to destroy this valuable asset.

In the same speech in September, Senator Evans revealed that the questions he is most often asked about while overseas, relate to our TAFE system, and vocational education and training.  The world, is rightly very envious of Australian TAFE!

While pondering our world-class system, we started exploring what other countries around the world are saying and thinking about vocational education and training.

Ed Miliband, Leader of the British Labour Party, dedicated a large portion of his speech to the British Labour Conference last year to themes around vocational education and training.  On ensuring there is a robust and quality vocational education system in Britain, Miliband said something that really resonated with us at the Invest in Quality, Invest in TAFE campaign:

“It’s not just that it’s socially right, it is absolutely essential for our economy for the future.”

We encourage Australian governments, both federal and state, to think about the sentiments of this statement.

The TAFE system we have is world-class.  It is an asset that will continue to reinvest into the development of Australia- both socially and economically.  We must not let the destruction continue.

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