On November 22nd, Daniel Andrews, the Leader of the Opposition in Victoria unveiled Victorian Labor’s “Plan for Jobs and Growth.”  This plan includes the framework for a TAFE policy should the Victorian Labor Party be elected at the 2014 state election.

The Plan promises to “return Victoria to an economic powerhouse by creating jobs for Victorian families, investing in skills and training and providing an infrastructure pipeline.”  While there appears to be a lot of detail yet to be announced in relation to TAFE’s future in Victoria under a Labor government, this announcement is certainly a positive step.

Within the document, fifteen initiatives are listed under the banner of “Training a Smarter Victoria: Victorian Labor’s Plan for Skills.”  These initiatives include funding TAFE to deliver their Community Service Obligations; investment in infrastructure, apprenticeships and VET in Schools; and more rigorous entry requirements for RTOs delivering government-funded training.

We welcome the initiatives put forward by Victorian Labor, and hope to gain further information that proves a Labor Government in Victoria in 2014 will result in an appropriately funded TAFE system; a complete crack down on unscrupulous private providers; and a VET sector that is well-regulated to ensure that quality education and training can flourish.

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