At the opening of the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre on Saturday 10th November, Senator Doug Cameron attacked the NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell over the state government’s funding cuts to TAFE.  Premier O’Farrell was there to formally open the centre, and most likely did not expect the surprise attack from Senator Cameron.

Senator Cameron started by saying “I had this boring speech from the department to read out (but) I”m not going to do that.  You’ve got the premier here, so you may as well take the chance.”  He went on to talk briefly about the marvellous institution TAFE is and attack the state government’s destructive cuts.

We commend Senator Cameron for speaking out on behalf of TAFE, and we hope more Federal politicians, including the responsible minister Chris Evans, will continue to support TAFE and challenge state governments who are relentlessly destroying TAFE through misguided policy and harsh budget cuts.

You can read the full report from the Blue Mountains Gazette here.